029 – Ginkgo 2 WIP

by Mei-ling

Have continued with my ginkgo leaf. Will continue to work after posting, but wanted to save the finished show for when there’s sunlight about. Ain’t no better light than sunlight!


Have already begun thinking ahead, because I’ve come across a couple issues:

  1. When I transferred my image I was so worried about wasting fabric that I put the shapes too close to the edge, which meant I couldn’t put it in a hoop. That’s fine, I like doing some things loose in my hand. But because it’s a little rough with all the fabric, I’ve had some tension issues. They’re mostly sorting themselves out as I stitch into it more, but no matter what, long stitches will pop out when the fabric is bent. If I continue with this method of embroidery then I’ll have to iron interfacing on the back (to make the fabric less stretchy) and/or use smaller stitches.
  2. While I love the needle-painty look of the leaf so far, it will be pretty hard to reproduce with little changes. I’m imagining my leaf will yellow as the film progresses (he’s a leaf off his tree, after all), so it’d be nice to be able to control his colouring more purposefully. So another direction I could go in is with even-weave fabric (when the number of warp threads equal the number of weft threads) and do counted stitch work, like cross stitch.