Textile Tip #1

by Mei-ling

First in a (hopefully) ongoing series of tips and tricks I have picked up regarding embroidery, lace-making, crochet, or anything else I happen to be doing/making. For my benefit as much as yours. 



Keep your threads short! Never cut thread longer than the distance between the tip of your fingers and your elbow. There are several reasons for this:

  1. More comfortable working. This length ensures that you’re never fully extending your arm when pulling a stitch through, which makes working not only more comfortable (keeping all limbs close to the body).
  2. Faster working. Not having to extend your arm not only makes things more comfortable, but faster as well since you’re not wasting time+energy throwing your arm out in all directions.
  3. Less strain on the thread. Pulling thread through fabric puts strain on the thread. As you’re working you’ll notice what started as a nice, full piece of thread becomes more and more threadbare. This is natural, things decay as they are worked. A shorter thread means you won’t see a drastic change from the beginning to the end of the thread, meaning more consistency throughout.
  4. You save thread! Even if you only use a bit of the thread, you’re still cutting away (and therefore wasting) less thread than if you start with long pieces.

Beginning and ending thread can be a pain, but if you do it enough it becomes something you don’t really think about, and you get better at it, too! Overall though, the quality of your work will thank you. Happy making!