026 – Ginkgo 1 and reflections

by Mei-ling


Highlights of 2012:

  1. Marrying Joe. Having family over for the wedding was amazing, and the reception was such a nice get together.
  2. First solo exhibition. It ruined my back, but was such an accomplishment, and am very proud.
  3. Graduating with my BFA.
  4. First exhibition outside of school (that I was able to witness).
  5. North Carolina trip, getting to meet all of Joe’s lovely extended family, and eat real Southern food for the first time.
  6. Europe trip! Got to see my sister graduate in Scotland, reconnected with good friends in England, and visited Istanbul (amaaaazing)!
  7. First paid job since 2008! Not to mention it’s an AWESOME job, with awesome people at an awesome organisation.
  8. Moving into our OWN PLACE (just me and Joe and Moe and Huckleberry and Zarquon). Had been a long time coming.
  9. Took part in my first fashion show! Charity event called Project Nunway, by and with the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.
  10. Finished my first short film, Let It Glow, a music video commissioned by Gabby La La for her band Snow Angel. And then it got featured on a blog!


Hopes/upcoming for 2013:

  1. Get another job (hopefully one that isn’t a temporary position)
  2. Exhibition in April!
  3. New film, which combines embroidery and animation which is fantastic because then I don’t feel I’m neglecting one! My aim is to collect all the materials from the exhibition and try to use Kickstarter to get some funding.
  4. I’d like to visit friends in LA.
  5. One of my bestest buds from high school is getting married in Singapore this summer, so hopefully can do a combined Hong Kong/Singapore/Malaysia trip. With Joe! (We rarely travel together.)
  6. It would be nice to get an online shop up and see if I get some income that way.


So I finished my first ginkgo leaf prototype today! Here’s how it happened:

IMG_1865 Over two thirds of the way done. Phew!

IMG_1867 Finished! Now the scary part – CUTTING IT OUT.

IMG_1868 Not so bad, eh? Love how different it looks against a white background.

IMG_1871 The back…nothing really to write home about.

IMG_1869 Playing with posing/emotion. This leaf is scared.

IMG_1870This leaf is sad.

So what I’ll be thinking about when I go into phase 2:

  1. The back. If I’m going to bending this thing every which way, then I better make sure that every which way is presentable.
  2. The wires. Not only do I have to wrap them before I sew them down (if they’re going to be seen), but the thin wire I used for the veins were just ridiculous. Way too soft and annoying to work with.